Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor will be going to meet the celebs in the Bigg Boss house on Thursday, to coincide with his movie release ‘Vivaah’ out this Friday. He is the first outsider who would be allowed in the house.

Rupali Ganguli is fasting today She said she will have something to eat only after the evening aarti.

All the housemates have refused to listen to Bigg Boss they did not wake up to the morning alarm today, instead getting up at their own chosen time of 11am.

Bobby Darling has been hitting on Aryan Vaid. Singing “Arree Chunri Udi Sajan”. Bobby embarrassed Aryan by sitting on his lap seeking help from Deepak.

Kashmira Shah has revealed that the main reason for her spilt with her

husband was boredom in America and that her husband was not happy with her flying down to India for work.