Bhushan Kumar: “‘Thappad’ is not a response to ‘Kabir Singh'”


The trailer of ‘Thappad’ has been receiving praise, especially from the critics of ‘Kabir Singh’ (2019). However, Bhushan Kumar, who had produced both films, has clarified that ‘Thappad’ was not made because of the backlash caused by ‘Kabir Singh’.

In a conversation with News18, Kumar said, “As a producer, we don’t take conscious decision of making a film to cover something which critics and some people have objected to. We made ‘Kabir Singh’ and it did over Rs. 275 crore business which means maximum number of people have loved it. ‘Kabir Singh’ was just a character and we have made a film out of it. It is purely for entertainment. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie that all the characters in the movie are fictional. There will always going to be some people who will like a movie, and some people who won’t. It’s as simple as that.”, adding that, “For instance, all women are loving the trailer of ‘Thappad’ but there are some men who are objecting to it, saying, ‘With these kinds of movies, people will fight more and leave each other over a slap.’ So, everybody has their own perspective to things and I respect that. We make films for the larger audience and entertainment. It’s not because I got criticism in ‘Kabir Singh’ so I’ve made ‘Thappad’. Both have no connection.”

Taapsee Pannu also shared that ‘Thappad’ has no connection to ‘Kabir Singh’ as it explores different concepts, “It’s not that we have made this film keeping ‘Kabir Singh’ in mind. I feel very sad when I hear people saying that ‘we have made a film to give an answer to another film’. This film was written before the release of ‘Kabir Singh’. I feel the thappad (slap) is only a trigger, but there are so many other things that will unfold about relationships in this film.”

‘Thappad’ will release on 28th February.

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