Bhumi Pednekar is already making waves with her initial films and now her mother has also taken a step into the industry. News has it that Sumitra Hooda Pednekar is soon to make her debut as producer.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the film is a comedy thriller titled ‘The Journey of Bhangover’. It will apparently be the directorial debut of Mahinder Singh Saniwal and will have newcomers in the main cast – Yashpal Sharma, Hemant Pandey and Jaideep Ahlwat. Sumitra says that Bhumi is too busy to make an appearance in the film, “But a film featuring her and produced by me will happen soon too”.

The film will be about the locales of Northern States and a story of five friends. She adds, “It was important to get the nuances right so the five characters are played by debutantes (Prerika Arora, Aradhya Taing, Anmol Khatri, Jimmy Sharma and Palash Soni). New faces add freshness to a project”.

She concludes, “The film follows youngsters getting into a sticky situation after consuming bhang. The minute Mahinder finished the narration, I wanted to be a part of the film,” says the anti-tobacco activist, who’s been yearning to do something creative and cinematic for a while. “It’s a great time for small, indie films that are fun and non-preachy”.