Bhumi Pednekar turns vegetarian; credits her Climate Warrior journey

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Bhumi Pednekar has always been a vocal citizen for environment protection and has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians. The actress has launched a lauded online and offline initiative called Climate Warrior through which she is mobilising citizens of India to contribute towards protecting the environment. Now, Pednekar has turned vegetarian and she credits her climate conscious journey for enabling her to make this life choice!

She says, “For many years I had the want to go vegetarian but breaking habits are the toughest thing to do. My journey with Climate Warrior taught me a lot of things and I just didn’t feel like eating Meat anymore.”

The acclaimed actress, who is set to release her next ‘Durgavati’ on 11th December this year, realised she wanted to turn vegetarian during the lockdown.

She adds, “I was never heavy on non vegetarian, but I took a call in the lockdown. It was actually something that happened organically. It’s been 6 months and I’m good, guilt free and feel physically strong as well.”