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Bhumi Pednekar opens up about her five new releases

Bhumi Pednekar will have a busy time at the box-office with as many as five releases lined up for the next four months. Having displayed a sharp eye for scripts early on in her career, the star considers herself “privileged” to have got the opportunity to play such diverse characters.

‘Bala’ has her playing a dusky woman dealing with her insecurities whilst ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ presents her the challenge of playing a 60-year-old on screen, reports Mid Day.

With the shoot of ‘Bala’ behind her, Pednekar says the script of the social drama ticked all the boxes. “While choosing a film, I try and understand if the audience will connect with my part. My characters need to be layered, complex and have a strong sense of being. Bala is right up my sleeve. It’s so funny and moving; it’s a story where you will connect to the characters instantly,” she enthuses.

The star is just as excited to gauge the audience’s reaction to ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ that tells the story of Chandro and Prakashi Tomar, the country’s oldest women sharpshooters. She says she jumped at the idea of playing a sexagenarian with conviction, when she is half the age in reality. Couple that with the feminist streak of the Tushar Hiranandani-directed venture, and Pednekar had to take the plunge. “These two women are given incredible recognition around the world, but no one knows how they had to fight their family and society to bring about a positive change for women in their male-dominated community. As an artiste, you hope that you get a film like this in your career and I’m fortunate to have this in my bag,” says Pednekar.

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