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Bhumi Pednekar on life during pandemic: “I went on a journey of self-discovery”

Bhumi Pednekar reveals she has been on a deeply reflective mode all through the pandemic and had many realisations all through the pandemic.

She says, “I think I worked a lot through 2020 apart from the first month or so where I was on the couch. Then after that I went on a journey of self-discovery and made some massive changes to how I was leading my life. I had some major lifestyle changes – I went vegetarian and gave up on a lot of things. I realized that I had to come closer to nature and raise more awareness on issues.”

Pednekar reveals she used the time at hand to focus on her climate conservation advocacy initiative, Climate Warrior. She says, “I worked a lot on climate warrior – my initiative that advocates positive love for the planet, that tells people that climate change is real. We do a lot of on-ground activities and use my social media handle about positive advocacy about climate change.”

The actress adds, “I have spent sleepless nights scared, as an innocent kid who knew nothing better than thinking oh what would I do when the water dries up. Oh, I should storeroom full of bottles only to realize when you grow up that these were foolish. The current generation are so intelligent, so woke that they are frontrunners and advocates for telling us that the time is ticking.”