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Bhumi Pednekar @ 30: Five strong characters she’s played

It has been four years since this actress made her entry into Bollywood and with her first film she managed to make such a big impact. One film after the other this lady has proved to the audiences time and time again that she knows how to select the right sort of films.

The 18th July marks the 30th birthday of Bhumi Pednekar, so on this occasion, will look at five of her characters who were all strong in their own way.

Sandhya from ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ (2015)
Pednekar started her career with the role of Sandhya a well educated young woman who saw herself as no less than anyone. Although her brother and many others picked on her because of her weight she never let that bother her. She was happy the way she was and she wasn’t going to change herself for anyone. Even after marriage she remains the confident woman she is speaking up when others won’t.

For this role Pednekar won many awards including the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

Jaya from ‘Toilet- Ek Prem Katha’ (2017)
Jaya (Pednekar) was outspoken and not one to back down when it came to her rights. When Jaya falls in love with Keshav (Akshay Kumar) she dreams of a wonderful life with her husband but when she actually enters his life as his wife, reality stinks. The village in which Keshav lives in has no toilets meaning the women have to wake up extra early and travel a certain distance just so that they can go to a field and do their business. Where the villagers don’t see this as a big issue Jaya finds this whole situation absurd demanding that things need to change, which later leads her husband to take a stand on the issue.

Sudha from ‘Lust Stories’ (2018)
This Netflix film consisted of four short stories one of which was directed by Zoya Akhtar. Pednekar played the part of a maid named Sudha who took care of the house work for a bachelor named Ajit (Neil Bhoopalam) as well as having a passionate relationship with him. However when Ajit’s parents arrive to see their son his relationship with Sudha changes with him acting very distant towards her.

A few days later a wedding proposal comes for Ajit with the girl and her family arriving at the house to meet Ajit and his parents. Sudha can feel her heart breaking but in reality cannot do anything as she can sense the difference in Ajit’s behaviour. However Sudha continues to do her duty as a maid and as she leaves the house she is gifted with a box of sweets from Ajit’s mother as his marriage is fixed. Pednekar’s character Sudha went through many emotions but she remained strong perhaps she felt that there was no point in crying over something she had no chance at.

Sugandha from ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ (2017)
Sugandha (Pednekar) is a free spirited character who isn’t afraid to make decisions. She knows what she wants and when it comes to love she is willing to do anything. When it comes to talks of her marriage she isn’t shy instead she is upfront and questions her parents as to what decisions are being made without her permission. Mudit (Ayushmann Khurrana) is the opposite of Sugandha because he is so shy, he had liked Sugandha for a long time but took a long time to profess his love to her.

When Mudit is faced with a problem it is Sugandha who tries to help him and she always lets him know that no matter what happens she will never leave him.

Indumati from ‘Sonchiriya’ (2019)
Pednekar performed in this film like never before with her character facing dangers that would scare anyone. Indumati (Pednekar) is surrounded in a world of men who are all hungry for revenge while she tries to survive. Her character had subtle moments where she seemed like she could do no harm but then there were other times where she could become a threat. In one scene Indumati is seen picking up a rifle ready to use it if need be. She is not only kind hearted but also fearless when it comes to doing the right thing.

The team at wishes Bhumi Pednekar a very happy 30th birthday!