‘Bharat’ shoot in Punjab lands in controversy

Priyanka Borua Vo



Salman Khan’s ‘Bharat’ shoot has created an uproar in a Punjab village where the Wagah border was replicated as shooting couldn’t be completed at the actual border due to security problems. A village in Punjab was taken over so the scene could be shot, but it involved hoisting the Pakistan flag which upset many local bodies.

A source said, “A lot of local bodies were upset about how someone could hoist Pakistan’s flag on Indian soil. We have had such issues earlier in Kashmir and in places like Mumbai as well, when Pakistan flags have been put up during Ind-Pak cricket matches. Even though this is for a film shoot, local organisations are upset and have not just filed a police complaint against Salman, but also surrounded the sets of the film and the hotel where Salman was staying to express their indignation over the hoisting of the flag. After all it is a film shoot, but the locals refused to understand,” as reported by Deccan Chronicle.

The scene was successfully shot and Khan returned to Mumbai after.