Bejoy Nambiar upset over lack of promotions for ‘Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi - Tarzan featured

Fimmaker Bejoy Nambiar has expressed his disappointment with the lack of attention that his recent venture ‘Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’ (2014) got during the film promotions.

According to Hindustan Times, the filmmaker feels that the film was not promoted in the right way. “I am very upset about it. I was hoping that it reaches out to a wider audience as it was a special film.��There are multiple reasons why it didn’t work. The biggest reason was that it was not promoted well and I think lot of people didn’t even know that such film was coming out. It was not promoted as it should have been,” the producer was reported expressing.

Having released at the end of May the film starred Siddharth Bhardwaj, Siddhart Gupta, Simran Kaur Mundi and Pallvi Batra. Nambair went onto say, “When you’re a film producer, you are doing films and then you are heavily relying on the people you are partnering with. Here I am relying on UTV and there (for Kuku Mathur…), it was Balaji Motion Pictures.”

Nambiar is currently working on a film titled ‘Pizza’, starring��Akshay Oberoi and Parvathy Omanakuttan. Here’s hoping he doesn’t make the same mistake again.