BBC refreshes brand with new modern channel logos

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


The BBC has undergone a brand refresh by introducing new identities for most of its services.

In a subtle change, the corporate ‘BBC’ logo has been tweaked with a new font. Moving away from the current Gill Sans font, the letters will now use the corporation’s Reith font named after the BBC’s founder.

News and Weather will also have new symbols made up of three blocks placed at different angles for each service.

BBC Sounds, iPlayer, BBC Sport and BBC Bitesize will have similar icons in various different colours.

BBC Chief Customer Officer Kerris Bright said, “Our research tells us that audiences think some of our services look old fashioned and out of date. They want a modern BBC that is easier to use and navigate to find the content they love and enjoy. The more content people find that they love, the more they will get from the BBC.”