BBC News Bangla launches Bangladesh #Trending

BizAsia Correspondent



BBC News Bangla has announced the launch of Bangladesh #Trending on Channel i.

Bangladesh #Trending will tap into the social media conversations among young audiences to engage them in discussion of viral and trending topics.

Presented by the BBC’s Faisal Titumir, the weekly programme will explore trending topics from different angles as well as fact-checking the rumours that often go viral on social media.

BBC News Bangla editor Sabir Mustafa says, “As Bangladeshi youth increasingly get their news from social media, we realised a need for a programme tailored for these younger audiences – to inform them about the trends and to explore together the truths and the untruths. There will be no topics that are out of reach or are taboo for Bangladesh #trending.”

With its slick storytelling, informal chats with young contributors, eye-catching graphics, social media posts and topical interviews, Bangladesh #trending breaks new ground on the Bangladeshi TV scene. It also further diversifies the BBC News Bangla TV content broadcast by Channel i which also broadcasts the current-affairs programme, BBC Probaho, and the BBC’s technology programme, Click.

Director and Head of News of Channel i, Shykh Seraj, says, “Channel i has been partnering with BBC for quite a long time, now presenting so many different programmes for the audience. The Bangladesh #trending initiative is going to be a landmark hashtag for people countrywide, and stories will spread even faster as the key topics will come out from the social media trends that went viral. We will get to discover citizen journalism in the most exciting manner.”