BBC devotes one day to Asia quake

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


On Friday 4th November, the BBC will be screening special all-day coverage on the aftermath of the devastating south-Asian Earthquake last month.

Almost four weeks on from the disaster, George Alagiah will present live from Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-administered Kashmir for BBC News 24, the BBC ONE news bulletins – One O’clock News, the Six O’clock News and the Ten O’clock News – as well Breakfast and BBC World.

He will also be interviewing Pakistan’s President, General Musharraf.
On the same day, the BBC News website will be hosting a live laptop link-up between survivors of the earthquake in Muzaffarabad and readers around the world, who will be able to put questions to them about their life in the region after the earthquake.

As part of this link-up, children from schools in the city of Bradford, which has a large Pakistani population, will e-mail their questions to children in Muzaffarabad, with BBC News 24 and Breakfast linking up – please go to

There will be special reports from George Alagiah and Barbara Plett across the region on the urgent efforts to stop thousands more men, women and children from dying this winter because of a lack of food, medicine and shelter.