BBC Asian Network’s base to be shifted to Birmingham

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


The BBC has confirmed that it will be consolidating the Asian Network into “one central Birmingham location”, moving away from London.

In a press update, the BBC announced ambitious plans for its biggest transformation in decades, including moving more power and decision-making to the West Midlands.

Over the next six years the BBC will increase activity across the West Midlands to further cement a commitment to reflect, represent and serve all parts of the country, and deliver great value for all audiences.

The exciting proposals set out in “The BBC Across the UK” plan will also give even more prominence to stories from communities across the region as part of the biggest creative and journalistic reshaping of the BBC in its history.

Building on the region’s TV production strength, more primetime brands will join Great British Menu in the Midlands, there will be at least one new primetime drama series and one new primetime entertainment series commissioned in the region, and in network radio, the Asian Network will consolidate into one central Birmingham location.

There will also be a strong youth focus for the future of the BBC in Birmingham. Newsbeat, which provides news content for Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra and Asian Network will move to the city and BBC Three is launching a new documentary opportunity for producers to tell original stories from the Midlands.

Tim Davie, Director-General of the BBC, said, “Our mission must be to deliver for the whole country and ensure every household gets value from us. These plans show how we want to be closer to audiences, create jobs and investment and develop and nurture talent.

“Over the last year, the BBC – which has been an essential part of the UK’s culture, democracy and creativity for almost a century – has helped inform, educate and entertain all four Nations, as we have collectively faced some of our toughest moments in recent history.

“Now, as we look to the future, we must play our part in supporting the UK’s social and economic recovery; rebuilding the creative sector and telling the stories that need to be heard from all corners of the country.”