BARB clarifies variability in data amongst Asian TV channels


BARB has once again clarified its position on the erratic movements in numbers experienced by Asian TV channels in the UK.

The TV audience measuring body was specifically asked by to explain the recent rise and fall of channels like Star Plus, ZEE TV and &TV this week in the UK. On Monday and Tuesday, Star Plus’ share remained around 0.30% and dropped to 0.24%, while &TV touched 0.06% on Sunday then surged to 0.10% on Monday – only to dropped to 0% on Tuesday. ZEE TV on Monday registered a share of 0.05% and then on Tuesday clocked a share of 0.02%.

A spokesperson for BARB said that variability was down to not just the BARB panel but also how the data should be measured over a longer period for a broadcaster rather than day-to-day data.

The spokesperson told , “In particular, we highlighted that the make-up of the BARB panel is determined by the Establishment Survey. This draws on UK government census data to determine the number of people from different ethnic groups that should be on the panel.

This means there are about 210 Asian homes on the panel, and it is these homes which account for the viewing data for Asian audiences; the panel homes don’t change on a day-to-day basis.

It is more informative to look at averages for channels over a longer period of time, such as months, rather than the day-to-day data, which is more variable.”

So with day-to-day overnights being perceived by some as just an indication of the channel’s performance, will from next month report data of highlights on UK Asian TV channels in a summary form. We will then report consolidated data weekly of each of the major channels performance.

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