Bengali speaking channels Bangla TV and ATN Bangla have come up trumps in a strategy to fight off competition.

The first (Bangla TV) and last (ATN Bangla) Bengali channels to launch in the UK are joining forces from September-end by being bundled together and sold as one package.

Bangla TV has been available as a standalone channel at ?11.99 per month and ATN Bangla free-to-air since its launch earlier this year. According to both broadcasters, the deal is set to be finalised next week and the new subscription taking effect from beginning of October. Even though a final price has not yet been confirmed, it seems likely the price will remain ?11.99 with ATN Bangla being made available only for subscribers of Bangla TV.

Furthermore, rival Vectone TV has exclusively confirmed to Media247 that it will be launching another Bengali channel to complement its existing Vectone Bangla service. The already popular channel has struck a deal with Bangladesh?s channel NTV. The new channel will be broadcast in conjunction with another Bangladesh based channel, Channel I. More on this story here.