‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ actor Sneha Namanandi on hosting WWE wrestling shows

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Actress Sneha Namanandi is hosting wrestling television shows ‘WWE Super Dhamal’ and is being appreciated for her presenting skills. Her co-host in the show is eminent Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi.

“The response I am getting for this show is amazing. After playing Shivina in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’, this is something which is very interesting for me and I enjoy doing it. The audiences are really enjoying it as well. The best thing is that we actually have some segments where we get to act and perform spoofs of some old Bollywood hits and the other part of it is anchoring,” she says.

Sneha Namanandi in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’

Sports anchoring is tough, and one cannot go wrong with facts and information. Agreeing she adds, “Yes it is as the information that we keep on providing to the audience can’t be wrong. So we have to prepare and go through the script all the time because the names of the wrestlers are not easy to pronounce and the kind of technical language used in WWE is quite different and definitely requires homework. My brother Pavan, is a huge fan of WWE so he helps me sometimes. Also, I never knew there were so many WWE fans around because I keep on getting so many messages about how much they like my work, and the fact that I am encouraging WWE and supporting it too. All this is happening because I keep on posting about it on Social media. There’s an amazing team directing, producing the show and Sony TV is one of my favourite channels (smiles).”

Sneha opines that the future of wrestling in India is bright. She hopes that more and more people will take up the sport in coming times.

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“I come from a sports background and that’s why I love promoting sports, be it any sport. So, now encouraging and presenting a sports show is definitely a win-win for me. The future of WWE is definitely going to be big in India and I have seen the fan following here. People are so enthusiastic about watching WWE that they don’t mind waking up early in the morning to watch the live show. It will take some time to completely promote and create an impactful awareness around, but that won’t take too long,” she says.

Sneha Namanandi
Sneha Namanandi hosting ‘WWE Super Dhamal’

About how she prepares herself before going to the set, she shares, “We have a segment in our show which is known as ‘Dhamal Mania’, where Sharma [Sharman] and I actually play games to win and prove who is a bigger fan. This part of the show is very funny and cool. Our banters and fights are all done on a happy note. Whatever fun and improvisation we do on the sets is actually funny. Most of the times these funny promos that we shoot are shown before the show starts. Recently, we had a spoof from the movie ‘Mohabattein’ where we actually played Aishwarya [Rai Bachchan] and Shah Rukh Khan, but in a way to promote WWE so it’s actually hilarious. It makes everything funny and dramatic to see and perform as well.”

Showering praises on Sharman, Sneha begins by saying that he is undoubtedly an amazing actor, performer and an anchor too. “I am glad to share screen space with him. I love to learn from experienced actors and that’s exactly what is happening here. I always take back something home every day as I keep learning new things from him on a daily basis. He’s an amazing person and a very supportive and understanding co-actor. He gives his best and that motivates me to perform better each time,” she ends.