B4U Network is in revamp mode and is consolidating its position in the market by foraying into various new initiatives, the latest being film distribution.

While other media entities are cost cutting in every way they can, B4U Network is flashing its cash with a huge marketing campaign up and down the UK to promote its new film acquisitions on B4U Movies, as well as the ‘April Free-to-air’ campaign.

B4U Network India CFO Vijay Thakkar told IndianTelevision, “Yes, this is just the stepping stone. To embark on a big journey, one has to start with a few small steps.”

Was the network taking the release of ‘Ek Se Bure Do’ as a chance to get into the distribution sector? “To a certain extent yes, but most importantly we take this as a perfect juncture to diversify our activities,” says Thakkar.

B4U plans to distribute 8-10 Hindi films a year, but the scale up will be done very cautiously. “We are in plans to expand this business and, for a start, are currently talking to a couple of filmmakers. If all goes well, we will release these films in June-July,” says Thakkar.

B4U will also get into Hindi film production during the course of the year. “We have lined up 2-3 movies. We are looking at producing small-budget films. The plan is to add one more activity into the company. In any case, we have to source content for our movie channel,” says Thakkar.

Earlier ZEE Network UK tried its hand at film distribution by releasing ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ in 2005 but this was short-lived.