B4U Music in breach over ‘Department’ “bloody” trailer

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


B4U Music has been found in breach by media regulator Ofcom for showing a “violent and bloody” trailer for Bollywood film ‘Department’ during the day.

The trailer was shown during ‘Bollywood Box Office’, a programme which reviews the latest Bollywood movies.

A viewer informed Ofcom to a lunchtime broadcast which they were watching with young children and which included in their view a scene too violent and bloody to be shown during the day.

B4U Network explained; “although sequences from the film ‘Department’ had been broadcast over 300 times in the UK by the channel without this scene, an individual editor for this edition of ‘Bollywood Box Office’ in its office in India had included it by mistake.”

B4U added; “it would provide training for its editing department in India to ensure such a mistake would be prevented in future.”

Ofcom�۪s assessment was that the Sunday lunchtime scheduling of the programme meant it was likely that children, some unaccompanied by an adult, would have been watching at this time. Ofcom noted that no warning was given before the broadcast of this sequence about the violent nature of the scene.