B4U Music has become the first Asian television channel to launch on the much publicised BBC and ITV backed free to air satellite service – Freesat.

Freesat launched earlier this week (6th May) has no subscription and no contract; Freesat will allow consumers to get unlimited, as well as high definition, digital television for a one off payment,

According to a press release, “viewers who chose Freesat will be entertained with B4U Music which plays some of the latest tracks from Bollywood and mixes it up with Bhangra and Hindi pop music. Besides there۪s phone- ins (B4U Xpress), star interviews (Star Stop), Top 10 tracks (Bollywood 10 on 10) and sneak previews of the soon-to-be released Bollywood movies (First Cut).

News channel Al Jazeera is also a part of the Freesat line-up.

Freesat’s channel line-up will grow each month, with up to 200 channels on air by the end of the year.

Incidently B4U Music’s sister station B4U Movies was one of the first Asian TV channels to launch as a digital Asian channel in the UK.