Asian businessman Azhar Siddique has been named as one of the 16 contestants on BBC One’s hit TV show ‘The Apprentice’.

The 33-year old Founder and Managing Director of Catering and Refrigeration Company will be a part of series 8 of the show fronted by Sir Alan Sugar.

In his spare time Azhar enjoys strength training and Muay Thai and loves scuba diving due to his passion for marine life.

Azhar is inspired by the IKEA brand and admires its founder, Invgar Kamprad, for always sticking to his high self-imposed standards.

His competitive line on the show is, It۪s not who shouts the loudest; it۪s who has the ability to control the conversation.”

All 16 contestants will compete for this year’s bigger prize of 250,000 investment by Sir Alan Sugar.

‘The Apprentice’ starts on BBC One on Wednesday 21st March at 21:00.