Ayushmann Khurrana wins ‘Most Disruptive Actor’ award

Veena Patel



Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has bagged the award for the ‘Most Disruptive Actor of Indian Cinema’ at the International Iconic Awards 2023. The actor said that such awards are very encouraging and helps motivates him to act better.

“Thank you International Iconic award for felicitating me with this Most Disruptive Actor of India. For an artist, recognition and adulation means everything. It encourages us to push boundaries and I promise to bring engaging stories and keep entertaining my audience. Thank you so much,” said the actor.

Founder Mohamad Nagman Latif explains that Ayushmann was the best actor to win this award. He says, “Ayushmann has been delivering out of the box hits since so many years now. His moves and refreshing and his characters stand apart. He is unapologetic in his portrayals and the audience loves him.”