Ayushmann Khurrana immune to rejections?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Ayushmann Khurrana Hawaizaada

Being a part of the Indian Film Industry comes with the brutality of being turned down, and where this can lead to a whole host of problems for many, there are a fair few who take it in their stride and move on. One of which is Ayushmann Khurrana who claims he’s actually immune it all.

“I think I have seen a lot of rejections in my life, so I am immune to rejections,”��Hindustan Times reported the actor stating.

Despite his last to films not hitting the mark at the box office the actor went onto explain he understand that these things just happen. “If you don’t see rejections and if you don’t see ups and downs in your career, there is no fun. I have seen lots of failures in past, so this (failure of two films) is nothing. I am happy as an actor,” he added.

Next to be seen in ‘Haiwaizaada’ opposite Pallavi Sharda, Khurrana has a lot going for him. Already having audiences floored by his acting and singing talent that he so effortlessly displayed in his debut ‘Vicky Donor’ (2012), it’s fair to say this young one looks to be full of surprises.

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