Ayushmann Khurrana: “I have always tried to disrupt stereotypes…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Ayushmann Khurrana can be described as a new age actor who has made some bold moves to go against the norms of the male role in Indian cinema. The actor recently spoke about the choice he’s made with his films.

“As an actor, after delivering four hits, you get the courage to do a film that has a certain social responsibility, that can make the nation think. I wanted to do something relevant to society without thinking about how much money it will make. Good cinema can also evoke a discussion and a dialogue and with this movie, my attempt is to do just that. I have never been an insecure artiste who feels if one film does well, the next has to do bigger and better. That’s a very small lens to operate from. I have always tried to disrupt stereotypes with my cinema. So, this decision is my attempt to disrupt how successful cinema is evaluated in India,” said Khurrana, as reported by DNA.

The actor went on to reveal that he is driven by real stories, “Cinema is about the common man and relatable issues. It is about getting your ideas to resonate with the masses. I understand this because I am one of them. I have lived every sphere of life just like them. Having had a middle-class upbringing, my journey is the same as theirs. I have seen different taboos, progressive and regressive thoughts, have met quirky and mad people, got inspired by people and events that have affected all of us as a nation. So, I’ve had a good life, one with full ofexperiences. I have seen the whole spectrum, which makes me an evolved artiste. And because I’ve seen a lot, it gives me good references that I have to put across in my films”.

Khurrana’s next is Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Article 15’ which will see him essay the role of a cop for the first time.