Ayush Shrivastava: “I feel OTT platforms are a bridge between television & films…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Ayush Shrivastava is currently a part of ‘Love, Scandals and Doctors’ on ALT Balaji but he’s also been seen in a number of films and series previously. He plays a homosexual doctor and has received some praise for his performance.

BizAsiaLive.com caught up with the actor recently.

You’re currently being seen in ‘Love, Scandals and Doctors’. What attracted you to the role you play?
I loved the flaws, the struggles Kabir has. When I read the part I found it very difficult to play because it’s really not easy to show vulnerable side on screen and I am really opposite in my real life, so that’s something I always look for in a character which belongs to very different world than mine. Also there is a very clear message that Kabir sends. Lots of people will relate to Kabir’s struggle due to his sexual orientation.

Did you have to prep much for the part?
Yes, we had a 2-3 week workshop before the shoot which helped down in character building as well as relationships between the characters. Also I did prep a little extra for stammering as this character stammers when he is nervous so I wanted to make it sound natural and real.

What’s your best memory from the shoot?
It’s hard to choose one as we shot for continuous three months and really long hours. But, yes, I had really wonderful time with Ishaan, Siddharth, Srishti, Tanaya, Ashmita, Neha and Pulkit. We used to joke around so much that it really became tough for us to stop laughing when we were together.

You’ve been seen in a number of series and also films. Which medium – if any – would you like to pursue and why?
To be honest, I want to work in films more because I feel the experience of theatre can not be substituted, although OTT has changed the game. But still movies… I would like to be a part of great cinema.

Do you believe web-series give more scope for an actor today than films?
In terms of opportunities I think yes, the boom of OTT has given rise to many new talents and similarly many big film stars are now doing web-series. It’s an open space for great talent. I feel it’s a bridge between television and films. Earlier there was a gap but the OTT space fills that and if you are good actor then this is a golden time to be in film industry.

What would be your ideal next role?
This is something I actually don’t know. I want to surprise myself by not knowing and just doing. But I really want to be part of a musical, drama, love story, tragedy. You get to play a long range of characters in such. Apart from that, we are filled with amazing stories and new makers coming in the game. Let’s see what’s written there for me. I just want to do different characters and entertain people.

BizAsiaLive.com thanks Ayush Shrivastava for talking to us.