Ayesha Takia: “I was in Goa when morphed picture was shared online”

Shyama Sudra



Ayesha Takia came under a lot of scrutiny, when a disturbing image of her appeared online, where it looked as though she had plastic surgery that went wrong. However, the actress has now spoke out stating that the picture was digitally rendered, and isn’t the true image of herself.

“I was in Goa when the morphed picture was shared online. I have a small face but in that picture it looked long and funny. I passed it off with a laugh,” Ahmadabad Mirror reports Takia stating.

She went on to express, “I’ve never been someone who wanted to look pretty with nothing to say. When people see me face-to-face they know immediately that I’ve not gone under the knife and they are the ones who matter.”

After taking a break from the big screen since 2011 with her film ‘Mod’, Takia is gearing up for a comeback with film maker Ashutosh Warang, in a film titled ‘Borivali Ka Bruce Lee’. Telling a comical story of a boy who has a passion for martial arts, the actress has been sign to play the boy’s very present mother.Talking about the film, the actress explains, “It’s a really funny script with all the everyday mamadramas.”

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