Ayesha Shroff says son Tiger was never “cranky”


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Tiger Shroff’s mother, Ayesha Shroff, recently opened up about her son saying he was always a calm child right from the day he was born.

She reflected on his childhood saying, “Tiger’s first words as a baby was ‘cars’. He was crazy about them. As a baby, he would love sitting on Jackie’s lap and going on drives. His second word was D’Souza which was the name of our driver then.” She went on to add, “Then he started with the words ‘mamma’ and ‘papa’. Tiger was always a calm child right from the day he was born. He was never a cranky baby, but a Zen one,” reports DNA India.

She goes on to describe how he was as a student. “He has not changed since then, except for an angry young man phase he went through in his teenage years. But he channeled all that emotion very positively into sports, which made him an aggressive player in school. He was always a fighter and very competitive which made him a terrific athlete. Tiger was an average student who never really focused much on studies, but always got decent grades. He was an all-rounder and the teachers at his school were hands-on with each kid. I never had to be called in to any PTA meeting as he sailed through school. I must credit his school a big part of who Tiger is today.”

Discipline has long been a part of Shroff’s parents from since he was a child. “Discipline was drilled into Tiger from the age of five when he started learning martial arts and has carried into his professional life even today. When he gets a day off instead of lolling around in bed, he sticks to his diet and training.” She went on to say, “His discipline has got more deadly as he feels he needs to prove himself more to hold onto that, so much so that his dad and I have to tell him sometimes to chill.”

Shroff has always had a close bond with his sister, Krishna Shroff. “Tiger is very protective of his sister Krishna. He is older than her and would take care of her always but when they grew up, she became bossy and took over (laughs). They go through phases when they fight like mad but now I can say they are best friends. They are working together now as Krishna is AD in Tiger’s film Munna Michael. He trusts his sister more than anybody else in the world”.

Shroff’s habit of keeping his personal emotions to himself is something that his mother is aware of and wishes to change. “One habit I wish he would change is that he could open up a little bit more and not keep everything so bottled in. Sometimes it makes you feel lighter to talk about what’s bothering you,” she says.

Mrs Shroff makes it no secret that her son initially had no interest in becoming an actor. “Tiger never wanted to be an actor, but an athlete. He was good at basketball that he was admitted to one of the top universities in USA because of that.” He moved to the USA to take up basketball in one of the top universities. “He told me in USA that he didn’t want to study there. After he was back, Tiger took up gymming and Sabbir Khan saw him somewhere and introduced him to Sajid Nadiadwala. Tiger still kept saying that he didn’t want to do films, but be an athlete. I had no clue till one day Tiger came home and told us that he had been offered this movie and he wants to do it.”

With his parents’ guidance it seems that Shroff will have no problem in making the family name proud. He will be seen next year in ‘Munna Michael’ which is based on the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

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