The celebration of the Indian Film Industry reaching 100 years, is sparking up a few older inspirations. News has it, that father and son duo Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor will be seen in the same roles as Ranbir’s great-grandfather and grand-father’s Prithivraj and Raj Kapoor’s in a re-make of the 1951 classic ‘Awaara’.

Kapoor (Rishi) confirmed to reporters about going ahead with the project in order to re-launch the family production banner RK Films. “‘Besharam’was the testing ground for the two of us together on the screen. We would now like to do something deeper. A remake of my father’s ‘Awaara’is on our minds. And in all likelihood, we will be doing it for our banner RK Films,” NDTVreported the actor stating.

To be directed by Abhinav Kashyap, ‘Besharam’ will see both Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor share the screen along with wife/mother Neetu Singh. Talking about working with his family, and what his role is in the film, Kapoor goes onto say, “Both Neetu and I enjoyed working with Ranbir thoroughly. I had fun working with my wife and son. But I still feel there should be more of Neetu and I in ‘Besharam’. My only grouse in this otherwise-enjoyable experience was the length of our roles and Ranbir knows it. So they’re trying to expand our roles. Neetu and I play cops. Our characters are seen off and on.”