Avtar Lit sets up new Asian radio audience measuring body, ARAM

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


The founder of Sunrise Radio, Avtar Lit is making a return to the UK radio industry with the first Asian radio audience measuring body, BizAsiaLive.com has learnt.

Asian Radio Audience Measurement (ARAM) is expected to be touted as the Asian equivalent to the mainstream radio audience measuring body, RAJAR. The website registered under the name of ‘Avtar Lit’, has information about the new service. “ARAM was set up in 2016 to align, design and operate an audience measurement system for the radio stations serving in various countries to identify listenership preferences of Asian community in their TSA,” it has said.

It further states that from Q1/21, ARAM will report data for not just Asians listening to Asian radio stations but also Asians listening to non-Asian radio stations across large parts of the UK. When asked ARAM about its methodology process, it told us that the data will be collected via a telephone survey.

It claims to be the “industry wide currency for planning, buying and selling advertising on Asian Commercial Radio”. Prices for radio stations to subscribe to the service start from £200 per month for community stations, £500 per month for city stations and £1,000 per month for national stations.

The ARAM website can be accessed here.

Lit stepped down from UK Asian radio after he was declared bankrupt in 2014, resulting in financial woes for the Sunrise Radio brand at that time.

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