Bollywood has always been and always will be a passion for me. When I started reviewing Bollywood films for BBC Asian Network in 2009, I didn’t think it’d lead me to a website like Having been Showbiz Editor since the showbiz component launched in 2012, I can’t help but look back with absolute pride at how far the brand and the website has come. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a website born and bred in the UK, giving a British feel to stories, events, reviews and the like. With, I am able to do exactly that while also making sure we report in real-time no matter the different time-zone between us and India. Our award-winning journey has been incredible and I’ve always believed that it’s a team effort. Without a strong and passionate team who have a common goal of wanting to make BizAsia the best it can possibly be combined with a thirst for fast and accurate reporting, our brand would not be where it is today. I very much look forward to continuing this journey with the same infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication that I started with – with the best people by my side!