There will be an attempt to break the Bollywood dance world record this Saturday (23rd July) at the Manchester Mega Mela Festival in Platt Fields Park, Fallowfields.

Taking place at 14:00 on the main stage, Rubicon۪s record breakers will be taught a fun and easy Bollywood routine to perform in front of the watchful eyes of an official Guinness World Records adjudicator.

As well as becoming official record breakers, each participant will be helping a good cause just by taking part. For every person that boogies to some Bollywood beats, Rubicon will donate five pounds to its nominated charity, the British Asian Trust.

Leading the record attempt will be British Asian music sensation and British Asian Trust ambassador, Navin Kundra. His hit single, Mehbooba,۪ will provide the soundtrack for the dance that has been specially created by Manchester-based choreographer Ria Meera Munshi.

Adrian Troy from Rubicon says, “Rubicon wants to continue our tradition of bringing colour and vibrancy to the UK, by putting on the biggest Bollywood dance the World has ever seen. The current record was set in Mumbai and we۪re calling on Manchester۪s Rubicon fans to rise to the challenge and help us break it.”