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ATN Bangla in breach for failed recording

Media regulator Ofcom has found ATN Bangla in breach for failing to provide a recording of the channel’s output.

Ofcom received a complaint about a charity appeal broadcast in response to the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh two days earlier. The complainant questioned the validity of the appeal.

The channel was unable to provide Ofcom with a copy of the programme because its logging system had failed to record the station�۪s output. It provided a copy of a repeat of the programme shown on 28th April 2013.

ATN Bangla said that the recording for 26th April was not available because a failure in its compliance recorder meant it “did not record for that day”. They apologised for the technical error which occurred during the appeal.

Ofcom expects ATN Bangla to ensure its compliance recording systems are “suitably robust in future”.

ATN Bangla was found in breach of TLCS Licence Conditions 11(2)(a) and (b).