Asian Woman adds to ‘Big Brother’ debate


The latest issue of the Asian Woman magazine will feature a ‘Big Brother’ special when it�۪s released later this month.

At the time when ‘Big Brother’ was in midst of controversy over race allegations against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, there was talk over Asian Woman replacing Carphone Warehouse as sponsors.

The new issue will publish readers concerns and the magazine will justify its stance in the whole ‘Big Brother’ debacle.

Like a lot of Asian media at the time, Asian Woman was contacted by mainstream TV channels to speak out about the way Shilpa was being treated inside the house by fellow housemates Jade, Jo and Danielle. Asian Woman was invited by GMTV and Sky News to share its views.

It was after these TV appearances from Asian Woman that sparked a new debate. Readers of the magazine were outraged that Asian Woman was looking at associating itself with ‘Big Brother’ – a show that had angered millions of viewers around the world over the way Shilpa was being treated in the house.

A couple of excerpts from the correspondence the magazine received are as follows:

Email from A Bedi:
“I think that your magazine should most definitely NOT have anything to do with sponsoring Big Brother. If you did then it would be portrayed as a cynical attempt to exploit the current high ratings this show has received as a result of the deliberate action to put Jade in the house to cause outrage and boy, did she not disappoint the people at Endemol and Channel 4…”

Letter from J Kaur:
“When worldwide outrage was caused by racist comments and bullying antics towards the Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty��_ what would you think one of British Asians leading and influential magazine Asian Woman would do in this defining moment to support and protect the Bollywood beauty from the vile attacks and taunts, and more importantly to condemn racism and bullying and send a message across Britain on behalf of us Asians.. Well, Asian Woman shamelessly offered to step in and replace Carphone Warehouse, and sponsor BB to continue the onslaught and vicious insults on the Bollywood star and us Asians…”

The magazine will be publishing many more letters/emails/calls that it had received during the ‘Big Brother’ row.
When contacted by , Asian Woman’s Deputy Editor, Brianna Ragel, said the following regarding the debate;

“Asian Woman appreciates your feedback. Obviously some of you were enraged, perhaps shocked, and disappointed with our stance on the issue.

However, our decision not play judge and jury in condemning anyone involved, and to encourage the debate, was one made with the sincere intention to represent British Asians and Asians everywhere with dignity and diplomacy.

Though this responsible approach may not have been expected, it did encourage further discussion, which Asian Woman, as the world�۪s largest Asian magazine, have a duty to promote.

As a proud Asian brand Asian Woman appeared on the Martin Stanford show on Sky News to discuss the issue of racism, the sponsorship of the show, and reiterate our decision to act in accordance with international human rights codes to encourage freedom of speech. As members of the Asian community ourselves we would like to see the bigger issue of racism in this country addressed and clear lines drawn as to what constitutes racism.

We do thank you for your support and hope that the debate that Celebrity Big Brother did spark, will affect some change. For those of you that did write in we invite you to send us your suggestions on how we can go about encouraging this.”

The magazine has no plans to sponsor the upcoming Big Brother series.

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