‘Asian Baby Club’ website goes live on net


A website dedicated to new Asian parents wanting to share their experiences has launched online.

The site called AsianBabyClub.com is a forum for new parents to discuss baby traditions such as ‘godh bharai’ (baby shower), choosing a name, weaning with Asian foods, dealing with family and advice.

The site has been set-up by three new mums – all of which had their babies at around the similar time. One of the founders, Kiran Lyall said, “How often do you hear ��Don�۪t tell anyone, but I�۪m pregnant�۪ responded with ��Don�۪t tell anyone, but so am I�۪. Well, in March 2009, this was the case for three mums ��� Kiran, Venisha and Harps. Their due dates also synchronised, between two to three weeks apart they each gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby. All three of their little cuties have now reached the age of one; they�۪re enjoying life to the fullest, crawling behind the sofa, taking those first vital steps, not to mention eating some questionable findings!”

The innovative website can be found at��AsianBabyClub.com

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