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ARY Network

ARY Network expected to return to UK through New Vision TV

ARY Network is planning a return to the UK in March, can exclusively confirm.

The company exited the UK in January after falling into liquidation. However, as revealed first last week on, a company by the name of New Vision had acquired one of the old Sky EPG slots. Its now come to light that New Vision will broadcast shows from ARY Network, subject to clearance from Ofcom. Furthermore, the breakdown of shows will see a 60/40 split in favour of ARY Digital entertainment shows vis-a-vis ARY News content.

Furthermore, ARY is behind New Vision TV Limited – a company formerly owned by Petra Oblak. The company was then later bought by Abdul Majeed Shaheen, according to Daily Pakistan Business.

The background of New Vision TV is that it already had a licence in the UK and thus ARY Network used it as an opportunity to acquire it for its own re-launch. ARY Network programmes will be phased into the new service before it fully goes live in the coming weeks.

New Vision TV has until early next week to launch its channel on EPG 804, which was stipulated in the EPG contract at the time of sale last week. New Vision TV, along with Jus Punjabi TV and Geo Network will have to begin broadcasting at least two-hours of content to avoid losing their newly acquired EPG slots. All three broadcasters acquired their EPG sales from liquidators of ARY Network Limited.

ARY Network Limited shutdown in the UK in January after a public spat with rival, Geo Network’s owner Jang Group. The broadcaster lost a defamation case mounting up to £3 million brought by Jang Group’s Editor-in-Chief, Mir Shakil-ur Rahman. The case was lost by ARY Network for serious statements it made against Jang Group and its owner. Subsequently, Ofcom issued and served a notice on ARY Network on 1st February 2017 under section 238(4) of the Communications Act 2003 revoking all six of its licences with immediate effect.

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  • Zafar Iqbal

    Great News

  • Raza Tariq

    Good News ARY is returning to UK TV screens soon, so I hope in better format and better picture quality 👍🏽

  • Blog

    That was quick

  • Ziarabe Mehmood

    Great news ARY is coming back in UK

  • H Alam

    Live news coverage on a news channel, and entertainment on a entertainment channel… works better! Will it be able to maintain the premium status it had under the ARY name? However, lets see how it works. Good luck to them. Really do miss ARY Network though.

  • Nadeem Muhamad

    Fantastic news

  • Nadeem Muhamad

    If ARY Digital is free to air, they are going to have a huge number of viewers.