ARY Family has launched on the Sky platform today in the UK

The Urdu entertainment channel, has successfully been added to Sky EPG 863. It marks the re-launch of ARY Digital programming in the UK, which was unavailable since its abrupt exit in January.

ARY Family will kick off its programming with the T10 Cricket League between Thursday and Sunday this week. It will then roll out its regular programming with some of the biggest shows from ARY Digital Pakistan. Earlier today, gave readers an insight into the channel’s offerings. See here.

This is also the first time ARY entertainment will be available free-to-air in the UK market. Prior to this, ARY Digital was a part of the now defunct Sky Asia Pack. ARY Family will be widely available to all viewers on Sky.

ARY Family’s sales and marketing will be handled by World Media Connect. It will officially begin BARB reporting in the first week of January 2018.

  • Sano

    but it isnt avaliable in europe.. can you guys tell me why its been showing sky error code 25 on the channel. all other channels are working perfectly

  • ahmid

    Why the channel is not avalible in europe ???
    The frequency is on an uk beam only …. so bad !!

    • Sano

      So u are not getting the signal either?

      Im also having big issue recieving it!

      Many says its the dish issue but im scared of moving it as im getting all urdu channels and dont want to loose any of them..