Arun Mohan, Group Director – Distribution, INX Media has spoken exclusively to about the plans he has for the UK feed for 9XM.

Recently, 9XM UK became a hybrid channel, combing entertainment shows from flagship Hindi channel 9X and music elements from 9XM. The channel is available on Sky Digital 829 and Freesat 513.

What do you plan to achieve with the hybrid proposition of 9XM?

We zeroed on the hybrid proposition of 9XM post analyzing the viewers۪ feedback from the United Kingdom. Majority of the viewers wanted a channel which could air the best and latest Bollywood music coupled with some great Indian fiction and non-fiction shows.

What does the future hold for 9X in the UK as was duplicating shows that were running on 9XM?

Basis the viewers۪ feedback, there will be a single channel, going forward.

Why have you decided to shift 9X shows on 9XM – do you feel 9XM is a stronger brand?

The hybrid 9XM is an amalgamation of 9X (Indian fiction and non-fiction shows) and M (Bollywood music) and so we decided to go with 9XM.

It seems by the schedule that 9XM will broadcast dramas and non-music shows during primetime and music bands in other dayparts, please elaborate on your new schedule?

The FPC for 9XM has been compiled keeping in mind the viewership pattern. We therefore broadcast entertainment programmes and dramas on primetime through weekdays and the music band at other day parts. Whereas on weekends the music band takes the primetime space and the dramas shall be on air at non-prime hours.

What new shows have you got in the pipeline for 9XM?

We are launching several new shows starting next month and shall let know well before the launch.

Whilst 9XM holds its own in India, 9X on the other hand has been struggling of late in the TRP race, what plans have you got revamp the channel? What do you think caused the downfall of 9X?

We have very ambitious plans as mentioned above, with several new shows coming in, which should help us bounce back.