Arshad Warsi: “I do feel that I’ve not been utilised very well”

Shyama Sudra



Arshad Warsi is one actor film-goers can count on to experience a good watch. However, being type-cast to do more comedic roles seems to be something the actor is now eager to move on from, where he feels he has a lot more to offer than just bringing in the laughs.

In a recent interview with Mid-Day, Warsi expressed how he wants his talent to be exploited when it comes to doing more versatile roles. “I’m pretty honest and straight about everything, that’s why I get into trouble often. I’ve got way more than what I bargained for or asked for; what I came with and what I have now,  there’s a huge difference, so I’ve got more than what I’m due. But I do feel that I’ve not been utilised very well. I wish people would take advantage of me, use me for what I can bring to a film, because I think I have a lot more to give than people have taken,” he expressed.

He went on to say, “I couldn’t have done anything about that. When you come into the industry and the first film you do, whatever character you play, if that character is loved, you’re bound to get stuck doing that for a long time afterwards. If you’ve not done a good job, but if you’re influential, you get opportunities, you get other things to do for you to figure out what you’re best at. Unfortunately, I did a good job in my first film.”

Warsi’s most recent release has certainly proved his worth, sharing the screen with Bhumi Pednekar in his first horror film ‘Durgamati’ (2020) which is the remake of the Tamil film’ Bhaageamathie’ (2018). Talking about what makes remakes work, Warsi expressed, “More than anything, it’s the sensibility of the original filmmaker. You have one director making a film, then you have somebody else making the same film, there’s a different sensibility to it. With Durgamati, we had the same guy (G. Ashok) making both the films, so we had the same sensibility when he did the Tamil version and the Hindi version. Secondly, it’s knowing what to change and what not to change. If you go wrong in those decisions, you’re going to goof up.”

Warsi will next be seen as a part of the mega star cast of Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Bachchan Pandey’.