Arshad Warsi demands ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ change

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Arshad Warsi demands script change
Arshad Warsi demands script change

‘Dedh Ishqiya (2013) the sequel to the National Award winning ‘Ishqiya’ (2010) has been in the news of late for various reasons. This time it’s Arshad Warsi who is not happy with his role.

Warsi feels his role in the sequel is not as significant as it was in the original. The actor has voiced his concern to director of the film Abhishek Chaubey and demanded the script be modified to make his role “meatier”.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, he said, ���When I heard the script, I didn�۪t feel very excited about my role and voiced my displeasure to Abhishek. They have assured me that they are reworking the script. If all falls in place, we will begin shooting in September.�۝

‘Dedh Ishqiya’ will see Arshad Warsi along with Naseeruddin Shah reprise their roles from the original. Joining them will be Madhuri Dixit and Kangna Ranaut.

The film is expected to hit cinema in mid-2013.

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