Arjun Rampal to star in Nikhil Advani's 'D-Day'

Arjun Rampal gives 'Inkaar' his all
Arjun Rampal gives 'Inkaar' his all

Promoting a film seems to have become much of a trend in Bollywood. So much so that filmmakers and actors alike are making film advertising their top priority. One such actor is Arjun Rampal, who apparently has stopped shooting for his latest film to be involved in the promos for ‘Inkaar’.

Currently involved in a film by Nikhil Advani, Rampal requested to take some time off in order to take part in advertising theSudhir Mishra film. NDTVreport a source explaining, “Arjun has got a huge response ever since the film’s first look released. In fact, he asked the director of his next, Nikhil Advani to cancel the shoot of his film so that he could have some time to promote Sudhir’s film. So right now, he has a free month to concentrate on that.”

Though this may come to a shock for many, it was also reported that, Advani was fine with giving Rampal the time off, to attend to his promotions for the film, which also stars Chitrangada Singh. Here’s hoping Rampal returns the kind gesture to Advani when the time comes.

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