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Arjun Kapoor to be in 'Mr India' sequel
Arjun Kapoor to be in 'Mr India' sequel

Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer ‘Mr India’ (1987) was hugely popular and the sequel will also be bringing the two actors together again. BizAsia has learnt that Arjun Kapoor will also be a part of the sequel, making it a full-on Kapoor family affair.

Arjun will be acting alongside his stepmother Sridevi and chachu Anil. A source close to Boney Kapoor spoke to Business of Cinema, “There۪s no question of Arjun not being a part of the sequel. It won۪t make sense to not have him on board”.

Arjun himself was a little reluctant to commit himself to the news, “It۪s to early to talk about Mr India۪. Only once we wrap up work on No Entry Main Entry۪ and Okkadu۪ remake will work on Mr India۪ begin”.

Boney will be making the film once again and no doubt all eyes are on the contemporary offering of the cult film. Stay with BizAsia for more.