Arjun Kapoor says film clashes don’t exist

Priyanka Borua Vo



Arjun Kapoor’s next ‘India’s Most Wanted’ will be in competition with Vivek Oberoi’s ‘PM Narendra Modi’. Both films will be releasing on the 24th of May, but Kapoor says that film clashes don’t exist, and the audience doesn’t run to the theatre on Fridays anymore for this to happen.

As according to India Today, Kapoor said, “I think ye ek sensational word hai, clash-vlash aisa kuch nahi hota aaj kal. (I think clash is a sensational word, there is nothing like that nowadays). The films which release at the box office – be it English, Hindi or regional – they all tend to work because now, our audience is pretty intelligent, calm and sorted. Nobody runs to theatres on Friday morning. You read reviews and speak to people. Then you watch the film. Aaj kal kya ho gaya hai na, teen-teen chaar-chaar filmein saath main lagi hui hai. Audience bahot samjhdaar hai, jo filmein dekhna chahti hai, jakar dekhleti hai. (Today, what happens is that there are many films that release on the same day. The audience is very intelligent; if they want to watch a film, they will go to theatres.)”

‘India’s Most Wanted’ is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.