Arjun Kapoor on film failure: “Wake-up call for all of us to work harder”

Priyanka Borua Vo



Arjun Kapoor has been appreciated for his unconventional film choices and even though the recent ones haven’t done well, Kapoor hasn’t let it affect him. He admits that some film choices do go wrong but that’s a wake up call, telling you to do better and work harder.

Kapoor spoke to the press at the trailer launch of his next ‘India’s Most Wanted’. “Some choices do go wrong but you live and learn. I want to do good work. I am happy when fans believe in me. But without taking advantage of the situation, I have always considered myself as an underdog. The audience appreciated and accepted me. I am here today because they pay money to watch our films, sometimes they don’t and that happens to the best of us. And that is a wake-up call for all of us to work harder and chose better. It is a very long race and you don’t become like those big names that have survived for 15-20 years without having conviction in your work and without the love and support of the audience. I hope people continue to support me.”

‘India’s Most Wanted’ is slated for a 24th May release.