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Arjun Kapoor: “No point in comparing yourself with others”

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Arjun Kapoor, after ‘Tevar’ (2015), seemed to have kept a low profile due to the film not faring too well. Where some of his contemporaries might be doing great, it seems the actor is not bothered by other people’s success and says there shouldn’t be a comparison made.

Talking to Filmfare, Kapoor said, “How far are they going? In four years how much ahead can one go? All the names you have taken are as good as the films they do. I never feel insecure about my contemporaries. Varun�۪s selection of films has been good. Ranveer Singh is an amazing actor. He stood out in an ensemble like Dil Dhadakne Do and we all know what a great job he did in Bajirao Mastani. But just a year before he also had Kill Dil. And I�۪m happy their films are doing so well. It creates a good environment. There�۪s no point in comparing yourself with others.”

On whether he feels left out when seeing other films being successful, Kapoor replies, “Not at all. Why should I? If actors like Ranveer Singh don�۪t pull off a Bajirao Mastani, who will change the perception of young stars? That he successfully carried a film of such a big value and genre sets a precedent.�� has also set the base for a new prescient. A masculine man like me has played a character with feminine emotions. It�۪s creating a new environment. Varun does a Badlapur and blossoms. It creates new avenues for us. The casting directors�۪ mindset also changes. It�۪s good for us.”

Kapoor will be seen next in ‘Half Girfriend’ and he’s also recently been announced as part ‘Mubarakan’, in which he will be starring with Chahu Anil Kapoor.