Arjun Kapoor 1

He may look like the perfect husband in the trailer of his next ‘Ki & Ka’ but Arjun Kapoor has admitted that he is no good as far as past relationships are concerned.

The actor, who told Filmfare about his ‘single’ status, said, “Infidelity. I guess I should not say more because I haven’t had a good track record. I have not done well in relationships.”

He added, “I am too immature to commit. Maybe I am not that expressive. You live and learn. When you want things to work out, things work out. When you don’t want it to, even the smallest things bother. I have learnt a lot from relationships. They have shaped me into the man I am now. I have suffered on account of being unexpressive. I have also suffered because I have prioritised my work. I was consumed by my work.”

‘Ki & Ka’ releases on 1st April.