Arjun Kanungo on his career: “I’ve made every move carefully…”


Popular singer Arjun Kanungo collaborated with Momina Mustehsan for recent single Aaya Na Tu. Kanungo has seen success with his singles, especially on YouTube, and is arguably one of the most recognised artistes. Mustehsan is also well-known, having debuted in Coke Studio. To see the two come together was quite a treat for their fans. caught up with Kanungo to talk about the track and his career.

You’ve recently released your new track Aaya Na Tu, which is full of soul. How do you achieve this feeling within your compositions?
It’s always drawn from personal experience. There is a little bit of personal experience in all my songs. And, who hasn’t had a break up?

When you start composing, is there a certain set journey you take? What kind of journey did Aaya Na Tu take?
Yes, it is always a journey into finding how clear a thought or a feeling can get. Aaya Na Tu started with a melody and went on to becoming something else. Kunaal Verma was integral in that journey.

Your collaboration with Mustehsan gives the audiences something quite alluring. How would you describe your collective vibe?
I think we’re both very chilled people. She’s very nice and a lot more talkative than me. Generally, I think it’s just two very mellow people making a very intense song (laughs).

The video was shot in Bangkok – how much influence did you have in the final product visually?
I usually write the screenplays for all my music video. When I present a song to a label it’s usually with a music video attached. With my days in Sony music there were a lot more people involved. Sony music has a very marketing-oriented perspective so that influences the final product a lot. With Universal music it was very creative oriented, and they let me do whatever I wanted. Danny Mamik, the director, also had a very strong influence of interpreting the screen play and making it his own.

What do you most love about being an independent artiste?
I’m not independent anymore! I signed with Universal/ EMI records India just a few days ago.

What keeps you motivated in a day & age where things are changing so fast?
Making stuff that will last.

When you look back on your journey so far, how do you feel?
I’m proud of myself and everything I’ve achieved. I’ve made every move carefully always keeping in mind what kind of artist and what kind of person I want to be. It has always come from a good place.


View Aaya Na Tu here

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