Arian Romal on his new track with Aditya Narayan


Music producer, Arian Romal has composed a new song with Aditya Narayan called “Hey Girl”, which has gone viral online. caught up with Romal about the groovy number.

Arian, how did the song “Hey Girl” come about?
It’s been a while that I’ve made the track. The song was originally an English track made for an British singer but after some of my friends in Mumbai loved the track and feel of the song, they asked me to make it to a Hindi song. So this was how the song was born.

You’re collaborating with Aditya Narayan on this song, how did you both come together?
I know Aditya for a while now and first time I meet him was when Tseries gave me his reference to sing one of my single tracks, “Rab Di Kasam”. It’s always a pleasure to work with a great Singer and an talented artist as Aditya.
The good thing with Aditya is that he is ready to try something new and create a new sound in the marked while other artist are comfortable to do what everyone is doing and be safe.

How has it been working with the Indian music industry from your work with T-Series to ZEE Music Company?
The Indian music industry is similar to other part of the world.. the only difference is that things takes more time here. And I feel that creativity has been overshadowed with safety. The big companies will rather remake old songs because of the recall value than use the big amount of talent that exists already in the Indian industry and let them create the next big hit.

Was it always your plan to move to Mumbai to work on music productions?
I actually never planned to land in Mumbai and start something here. My mom was in Mumbai and she asked me to join her and while staying with her in Mumbai, Irealized that I can do big things here since the marked and the industry is huge. So after working around in the industry, I’ve planned to try to give the next generation sound and mix Hollywood techniques with Bollywood feelings and create an amazing sound out of it.

What does your future repertoire of music consist of?
Right now I’m working on different tracks and upcoming singles with some amazing and well known artists.
I have a lot of upcoming featuring tracks with other singers as well as my own Indian single tracks.
I’m planning to release an English album as well on the international scale.

What’s your plans for the future?
People in India have opened the arms for the independent singles and songs. So I think that the industry will be changed a lot after 5 years. Right now there is peak for Punjabi non film songs that are doing much better than film songs. And by having YouTube, Facebook and other social media platform, it have made it easier for people to listen to any kind of music in any kind of language.. English Music is growing in the India.

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