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Are Asian TV channels going to drop SD feeds for HD only in UK?

With a slew of mainstream broadcasters in the UK switching off their Standard Definition (SD) variants for exclusive High Definition (HD) broadcasts, is this the sign of a strategy Asian TV channels will follow? understands that broadcasters have been in talks with platforms such as Sky to knock off their SD channels and retain their HD versions, which would save thousands of pounds. Up until now, broadcasters were required to continue broadcasting SD variants of their services for those viewers who were unable to access HD channels.

However, recently, it was announced that the BBC will be shutting its SD channels on Sky and Freesat. ITV and other Disney are also expected to follow in the coming months.

On the Asian TV front, four of the major broadcasters – Star, Sony, ZEE and Colors are the only to carry HD outputs. But things are expected to change in 2023. understands that Asian TV channels will follow mainstream services by phasing out HD services wherever possible. Work is already being carried out behind-the-scenes ahead of the move. SD only channels are expected to continue as normal for the foreseeable future.

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