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Archana Gautam booted out of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ for altercation with Shiv Thakare

Archana Gautam has reportedly been removed from ‘Bigg Boss 16’ for an altercation with fellow contestant Shiv Thakare.

Reports suggest that Thakare was injured during the incident. It is not known the cause that led to the physical fight.

Gautam was booted out of the house around 03:00 overnight. The live streaming of the show on Voot was also halted in the follow-up of the incident.

A source close to the show revealed that during a heated conversation between Shiv Thakre and Archana Gautam, Shiv made personal remarks against Archana, and the fight further escalated when Archana, in return retaliated. To know what happens to her next, watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Bigg Boss’.

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