AR Rahman’s ’99 Songs’ to get “virtual reality” online teaser

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


99 songs - AR Rahman 340x

AR Rahman is one of the most celebrated and talented music composers South Asian cinema has perhaps ever known. Last year, he said that he would be scripting a film as well as composing for it. Now, the film titled ’99 Songs’ will have its first teaser unveiled in a new “virtual” way.

To give a new feel to the audiences, the team plan to release a “virtual reality” teaser on social media so that audiences can get a life-like feel. Rahman told Mumbai Mirror, “Cinema has enriched our lives hugely and this can never be taken away. But cinema is also evolving constantly, and we need to adapt with the times for a more immersive experience”.

“Virtual reality is the next big thing and that’s why we’re experimenting with this trailer,” he added.

The cast and musicians have been locked for the film.

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