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AR Rahman on Bollywood remixes: “Some of them are really disastrous & very annoying”

The musical maestro that is AR Rahman has given some iconic hits over the decades and with the current trend of remixes, Rahman shares he is not a fan of reprised songs.

In an interview with Mid-day, the music composer said that he has only ever liked one remix and felt all others have been “disastrous”, “The one which I was happy with was the Humma Song (OK Jaanu, 2017) as it helped the movie. However, after that, I didn’t like any of them. Some of them are really disastrous and very annoying.”

“In fact, I told the company who made the remix, ‘You are forcing me to support this but I hate this one, and people are going to troll me if I support this.’ As far as the trend is concerned, it’s over. I think people are realising that music needs love and finding a song for the movie, rather than taking the fast food route,” added Rahman.

Rahman who has been away from the Hindi film scene for a while now, explains he has been busy with several projects, including filming for his movie ’99 Songs’, “I was concentrating on my movie, 99 Songs, which is yet to release and Dil Bechara, which is supposed to come out. I was also doing Tamil movies. My time was divided between my productions, building a studio, and spending time with my kids and nurturing them into musicians.’